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Become An Egg Donor

If you are a healthy women between the ages of 21 - 28 who is interested in helping other women achieve their dream of parenthood, consider becoming an egg donor. By completing the entire egg donation process, you will receive $8,000.  Click the link below to fill out the initial form.

Click here!

What is the basic criteria for a potential donor?
*Female between the ages of 21-28
*BMI less than 30
* Flexibility and commitment to multiple treatments
* Live within a reasonable distance to Abington, PA (up to 1 ½ hours)

Will I have to take medications?
Yes. You will take injectable fertility medication that will be discussed at your consult once you are deemed an eligible candidate.

Do I need to already know how to take injections?
No. We will consult with you once you are part of the program and walk you through all injections.

How are my eggs retrieved?
The day of the procedure, you will have an IV placed so that we can give you fluids, an antibiotic and the sedation for the procedure. Once you are sedated, the doctor will place a needle through the vaginal side wall into the ovary using ultrasound guidance. On the ultrasound screen, the doctor can see the follicle collapse around the needle. The fluid, which is collected in a test tube, should contain an egg. The tube is then given to the lab personnel to process.

Is it painful?
You will be sedated for the procedure, so you should not feel pain. Once you wake up, we will give you pain medication to help with any cramping or bloating that you may feel.

Will I miss work for this procedure and what is the recovery time?
Due to the anesthesia you will receive, you will be unable to drive for 24 hours. After that you may return to work.

Will I be compensated for my donation?
Yes. Once you are matched with a recipient for a cycle, you will be compensated for your time and commitment to the process at your post-operative visit.

How many times can I donate?
As long as you remain eligible, up to 6 times.

What if I have a friend who is also interested?
If you refer a donor who is accepted in the program and is eligible to donate you will receive $250.

If you have additional questions, you can contact our Egg Donation Coordinator,
Charlene Murdoch, RNC-OB at: 215-887-2010. 

Thank you for opening your heart to the possiblity of becoming an egg donor!