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Abington Reproductive Medicine proudly offers six convenient office locations:
Abington, Langhorne, Lansdale, King of Prussia, Lancaster, & Bethlehem

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Abington Reproductive Medicine

Were you told by your doctor that you need IVF?  If so, there are clinical research trials offering no cost / low cost IVF treatment and / or medications.
Contact Charlene Murdoch, RN for more details at: 215-887-2010 x 1525 or email her at: Charlene Murdoch, RN

We are here for you. Taking the first step is sometimes the most difficult when seeking care for infertility. Watch our video here.

New hope for overcoming male infertility 
Have you been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or longing to understand why your current treatment plan isn’t making your dream of parenthood come true? Contact us at 215-887-2010 and ask for the new Cap-Score Test to determine, and better analyze male factor infertility. We are offering this test free of charge to you.

You may also contact CAP-SCORE directly to learn more:  
Alana Simpson - [email protected] or call 201-317-0960.  Watch video here

Learn about the Abington Fertilix Program here!   

Our Egg Donor Program:  For those who are interested in our Donor Program, we have immediate availability for women looking for donor eggs to become pregnant!  You can view our available donor database online--call today for more information at: 215-887-2010.

At Abington Reproductive Medicine & Lancaster Fertility, our fertility specialists have taken the lead in combining the most current medical advances with heartfelt support for couples who are trying to get pregnant and experiencing infertility. Using breakthrough technologies, many of which have been pioneered or perfected here onsite, our nationally recognized reproductive endocrinologists bring the latest in research and science, along with superior expertise to each patient. Our goal with all patients, even those who have already been under the care of another reproductive center, is to explore every option, carefully and compassionately, ensuring every chance for success. We want our patients to feel comfortable and assured, as if they are being cared for by a family member or close friend.

Our IVF specialists -- Dr. Stephen Somkuti, Dr. Larry Barmat, Dr. Michael Sobel, Dr. Jennifer Nichols, Dr. Tara Budinetz and Dr. Annette Lee-- will determine the infertility treatment options and reproductive services right for your diagnosis. These can include fertility medication therapy, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), autologous endometrial coculture, egg donation and/or surrogacy.

As you journey through the delicate process of trying to attain your dream of having a baby and building your family, we will remain by your side, providing you an atmosphere of hope. At every step of the way, we will compliment the science of treating infertility with a dedicated and thoughtful handling of your care. Like you, we recognize the wonder of conception—because for you, we want the most wondrous beginning of all!