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Past News


  • Dr. Jennifer Nichol's was a key speaker at the Susan G. Koman Foundation, Sisters for the Cure Conference on Saturday, December 11th in Center City Philadelphia.  Her topic was "Cancer & Infertility."
  • Dr. Sobel was presented the Distinguished Fellow Award at the 77th Annual Meeting of the American Osteopathic Obstetricians & Gynecologists in New Orleans on March 19, 2010.  He also presented a lecture on "Current Strategies and Future Perspectives of Fertility Preservation."
  • Dr. Barmat was invited to discuss his REI experience with the da Vinci Surgical System (robotic surgery) at Intuitive’s surgical's quartely meeting in California. 500 employees attended the presentation.
  • Dr. Larry Barmat attended an Experts Meeting in Dallas, Texas, by Ferring Pharmaceuticals. He was one of a dozen reproductive endocrinologists chosen as Thought Leaders in our field to speak on designing and optimizing ovulation induction regimes for patients.
  • Dr. Barmat was also invited to an Experts Meeting in Denver, Colorado by TAP Pharmaceuticals. He is one of a select few leaders in reproductive endocrinology who will be participating in a speakers bureau meeting on new innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis.

Radio Appearances

  • VoiceAmerica™ Network’s (online talk radio station) Conceive on Air (air date: December 13, 2006) – “Making Better Babies with PGD,” featuring Steve Somkuti, M.D., Ph.D.
  • VoiceAmerica™ Network’s (online talk radio station) Conceive on Air (air date: May 31, 2006) – “The Next Steps in Infertility Evaluation,” featuring Steve Somkuti, M.D., Ph.D.

Media Mentions

The outstanding achievements and dedication of our physicians continue to make headlines.

  • Dr. Barmat is the 2010 Abington Health Innovators' Circle Physician Winner! This award recognizes Dr. Barmat for his ongoing research and innovative studies in reproductive medicine. Among these studies, is the first ever Harp Study to prove that the merger of music and medicine helps soothe the soul, relieve patient stress and ultimately improve the outcome of in vitro fertilization embryo transfers.
  • Dr. Somkuti was selected as a nominee for recognition as the 2010 Abington Health Innovators' Circle Physician Honoree.  Regionally and nationally recognized for his exceptional clinical skills as a reproductive endocrinologist as well as his authorship of "Pearls of Wisdom" in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • Our very own Dr. Somkuti was featured as Top Doc 2010 for Philadelphia Magazine!
  • The Intelligencer and Bucks County Courier Times interviewed Dr. Sobel for their Mother's Day issue May 2010, entitled "Over 40 and Seeking Motherhood."
  • The Intelligencer and Bucks County Courier Times interviewed Dr. Somkuti for their Mother's Day issue. May 10, 2009, focusing on building a family during difficult economic times.
  • Philadelphia Magazine - Top Doctors issue (April 2009) Dr. Somkuti was featured as Philadelphia Top Doctor for 2009!
  • Harp Therapy Journal (Spring 2008 issue) "Study explores benefits of live harp music during in vitro fertilization"- Dr. Barmat is interviewed to discuss the first ever reproductive Harp Therapy Study that he is currently conducting with IVF patients.
  • Philadelphia Style  (April 2008 issue)
    "Baby, Maybe": Featuring Stephen G. Somkuti, M.D., Ph.D., who discusses the age-related obstacles of infertility.
  • Philadelphia Business Journal (July 2007) "Robots lend a hand in the OR"– Larry I. Barmat, M.D. receives front page coverage for his mastery of the robotic da Vinci Surgical System.
  • "Rare, Isolated Fallopian Tube Torsion:" Dr. Barmat and co-author conducted two case studies to discuss their awareness of isolated tubal torison as a possible cause for accute pelvic pain. The Female Patient (May 2007)
  • Philadelphia Inquirer (September 2006) "Delaying Fatherhood Has Risks, Too"– Jay S. Schinfeld, M.D. discusses the optimal time for a man to father a healthy child.  He also informs the readers of potential genetic disease and defects that can be passed on by delaying fatherhood. Click here to read the article.
  • Montgomery Newspapers (August 2006)
    "To Your Health: Abington Practice Offers State-of-the-Art Fertility Procedure"– Larry I. Barmat, M.D. is thanked by a couple for helping them have a child through autologous endometrial coculture, which was developed by Dr. Barmat himself. He explains his ground-breaking procedure.
  • Fertility and Sterility (February 2005)
    "OC Therapy in Ganirelix Acetate Injection vs. Leuprolide Acetate Cycles" by Larry I. Barmat, M.D.   This is an article written by Barmat after conducting a randomize trial comparing the effects of oral contraceptive pill pretreatment versus recombinant FSH/GnRH agonist stimulation in IVF patients.